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Our mission at Cannect Wellness is to foster a culture of care and excellence. We believe that by taking exceptional care of our team, they will in turn provide the utmost care for our plants. We believe in having fun and pursuing the highest of highs, both in our work and in life.


The Spark:

Two longtime friends shared a passion for cannabis and saw a need for a company that could provide the level of care and attention to detail that discerning cannabis consumers demand. They welcomed the challenge of competing to be the best in a large and established market like Illinois.


The Present:

The time has finally arrived. After years of work and planning, Cannect will have its first batch of premium, craft cannabis products on shelves this summer. We will work hard every day to earn the respect, trust and admiration of legacy growers, connoisseurs, industry professionals and casual consumers.


The Future:

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, so will we. We're committed to staying on top of the latest trends and innovations in cannabis, while staying loyal to our time-honored practices of organic cultivation and processing. We can’t wait to see how far we can take The Art of Craft.

Meet our Head of Cultivation

Jake Heller

Meet Jake,

Our revered Head of Cultivation and the mastermind behind our lush garden. With almost a decade of experience in commercial cultivation, Jake has earned a reputation as a top cultivator in both Illinois and Pennsylvania.

He honed his skills at Bedford Grow in Illinois before moving on to help Grassroots Cannabis establish themselves as a market leader in Pennsylvania. His wildly popular strain, Country Cookies (Heller's Cut), can still be found in PA dispensaries today. Most recently, Jake lent his expertise to Green Thumb Industries before joining the Cannect team in 2022.

In addition to his impressive career in cannabis, Jake is also a dedicated educator. As an instructor at Oakton College, he imparts his knowledge to the next generation of cannabis enthusiasts through CNB-107; Botany, and Cultivation of Cannabis. Jake is passionate about helping his students succeed in the industry and has a wealth of horticultural and scientific knowledge to share.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Production Horticulture from Southern Illinois University, Jake is a well-educated and dedicated connoisseur and advocate for the cannabis plant. We are honored to have him as part of the Cannect family, bringing his wealth of experience and expertise to our team.