Secret Sauce

Secret Sauce is a first-of-it's-kind, functional craft cannabis cocktail in a convenient cartridge. Our not-so-secret formulation has the perfect combination of natural flavor, potency, and functional benefits:

for euphoric enjoyment
for a daytime or evening boost of energy and focus
for relaxation, pain relief and inflammation reduction
for smooth, enjoyable flavor
Secret Sauce

Super Boof

Our original cut of Super Boof offers an enticing aroma of fresh cut citrus and tropical fruit forward hops. Its balanced effects provide a euphoric cerebral uplift followed by a relaxing body high, making it suitable for both creative pursuits and relaxation. Perfect for any occasion, Super Boof stands as a versatile strain that appeals to both connoisseurs and casual users alike. Black Cherry Punch and Tropicana Cookies selected by @mobilejay.

Sherb Pie

Sherb Pie is a specially selected cut of Seed Junky’s Sherb Cake, and was the 2023 Zalympix winner for heaviest hitting hybrid. With notes of gas, pine, and black pepper, this mostly indica leaning hybrid produces intensely purple buds and is perfect for relaxation and increased euphoria. Ice Cream Cake x Sunset Sherbet selected by @bonez_grown.

Rozay Cake

Rozay Cake is an even balanced hybrid that produces beautiful, vibrant pink and fuchsia buds with an aroma of sweet strawberry candy. This unique strain is a great choice for any occasion, whether that’s unwinding after a hectic day or hanging out with friends. Wedding Cake x Rozay F2 bred by Relentless Genetics.

Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker is one of our highest testing strains to date and a fan favorite amongst the Cannect team. With its intensely frosted buds and striking orange/ red hairs, this strain produces extremely pungent smelling buds with notes of garlic, musk, and black truffle. Kush lovers rejoice, Heartbreaker is here. (Cherry Pie Kush x Grateful Breath) x Oz Kush, bred by Sunken Treasure Seeds.

Pink Runtz

Packed with aromas of fruit and gas, these frosted purple nugs are sure to impress. This strain offers an uplifting high accompanied by a gentle relaxation, making it ideal for both enjoying in the daytime and unwinding in the evening. Pink Runtz is one of those strains you can smoke all day long and never get tired of. Pink Panties x Runts, bred by Copycat Genetix.

Garlic Crasher

Garlic Crasher is a dense sticky strain absolutely caked in trichomes. With a complex aroma of Diesel, Garlic, and Black pepper, it will remind the user of its GMO lineage while offering something new and unique at the same time. This is a bright and uplifting strain perfect for daytime consumption. GMO x Sherb Crasher, bred by Seed Junky.

Our Secret Sauce is 100% cannabis extract. We use no artificial flavors or additional ingredients. Our live resin terpenes come from some of the most popular and flavorful cannabis strains on the market.


Alien Rainbow


Durban Jack


Gorilla Mintz


Super Lemon OG